When I first started content marketing at Veterans United Home Loans, a Missouri-native company with an stellar online marketing department, I had no idea I’d become addicted to inbound marketing. I loved the value proposition of pull marketing: provide your target audience with useful information and make them come to you. Drawing the customer in, rather than pushing noise at them, sold me on inbound marketing.

Writing blogs for the Veterans United Network of over 3 million people appealed to my creative side, but I was hungry to learn what actually drove people towards our content. The desire to know why some content performed well while other content flopped led me to organic search. After teaching myself the fundamentals of search engine optimization, I transferred to the SEO department the following semester.

Since then I’ve become a SEO junkie who loves to combine data analysis with creative solutions. I’ve worked at a variety of internships–two of which took me across the globe to Prague and Tokyo. I enjoy learning about the technical aspects of on-page SEO, as well as conducting link building campaigns that allow me to flex my writing muscles.

I’m always looking for freelance opportunities. The best way to reach me is through the email below.