An Audible Lifehack How-to: The AudibleListener Discount

Audible Guy

You want to be like this guy? Read on.

Discovering The Audible Listener Discount

Audible finally got me. After hours of Spotify commercials, dozens of podcast promotions and countless banner ads, I decided to click that shiny call-to-action that read “free audible book.” I was taken to a sign-up screen, and the process was relatively painless. Given that Audible is owned by Amazon my account quickly synced, and I was on my way to downloading The Dispossessed. I didn’t immediately hit the terms of agreement button; I did a little digging, checking out what an Audible monthly subscription entails. The answer? Not much. Audible allows one “credit” a month for $14.95 or two credits for $22.95. One credit equals one audiobook download for that month. If you’re like me, you probably shrug your shoulders at the deal and take the free book, seriously considering an unsubscribe after that free credit dries up.

Still, I wanted my free audiobook, so I followed through but quickly headed to the “Cancel My Account” portion of my account settings. Amazon, being a curious, data hungry company (or so I supposed), asked why I decided to leave, so I provide an honest answer: “The membership fee was far too expensive for me.” I’m a poor, recent college grad, and the library’s audiobook selection would satisfy my bookworm cravings. To my surprise, Amazon wasn’t done with me. Instead of shooing me away, Audible begged me to stay. An offer for three months half off appeared, as if they knew I was a starving journalism major. I threw in the towel; Audible had won this round. I found out shortly after that the “three months half off” deal not only included the initial free credit, but an additional credit. To recap:

  • That’s two free credits
  • Half off for three months
  • Total cost for 5 months of Audible: $22.35

How to Get 5 Months of Audible for $22.35

Want that deal? Here’s a step-by-step process without the anecdotal fun above:

  • Sign up for the free month trial (the $14.95 a month deal, not the $22.95 a month deal)
    • Note: you won’t be charged for the $14.95
Audible Sign-in

We know, Audible. We know


  • Choose your free book of choice before continuing
Audible Book Selection

Audible already knows I’m a nerd. That’s just powerful big data at work.

  • Click on ‘Account Details’
  • Scroll to and click ‘Cancel My Membership’Cancel
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the drop down button
  • Select “The membership fee was far too expensive for me”

Membership Fee

  • Hit continue and you’ll receive the offer for 3 months half off
  • Accept that deal, and shortly after you’ll receive the free credit

Audible Listener Discount Gold Membership

There you have it! $22.95 for 5 months of Audible.

Disclaimer: that extra credit might have been an error on Amazon’s part, as it didn’t specify anywhere that the credit was part of the deal. It just showed up for me 🙂

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